Five Favorites for the Month of July



Hey everyone, welcome back! Even though the fourth of July was yesterday, the number five has been on my mind this past month. Within the weeks of being on vacation and being on the go in my hometown, I’ve taken a liking to these products. They’ve helped me survive dry climates, boosted my photography skills, and maintained my faith with others. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of these products going forward, and figured suggesting them to y’all wouldn’t hurt.

  1. Sony A6000 Mirrorless Camera– for my graduation present, I knew I wanted a piece of technology that would bode useful for me in college. For the past three years, I’ve always used my family’s Canon for all of my photo-taking. Now that I’m about to leave, I wanted a camera that I know I’d use, and actually record vids with (I loved using the Canon, but video recording was not an option). I used it in Arizona, and while I am still getting the hang of it, I’m actually impressed with all the abilities this little camera possesses. The pop out screen gives me a more convenient view of what I’m recording. It possesses a WiFi feature that paired with an app, can automatically send pictures directly to my smartphone. Since I’m wanting to keep up with media and content creation, this is the way to go.
  2. White Slip-on Vans– I know this isn’t a new trend or any revolutionary conclusion that I’m obsessed with this shoe, but guys: slip ons rock. I’ve been in the market for a new white shoe, and these were generously gifted to me as a Christmas present. They go with absolutely any outfit I put together, and provide absolutely no discomfort. Please do yourself a favor n get some.
  3. Burt”s Bees Flavor Crystals Lip Balm– This was gifted to me by a wonderful friend as  part of a grad gift. Let me tell you, this SAVED my lips in Arizona. The climate there sucks every bit of moisture from your body, but this prevented me from drying out, plus the crystals provide a pleasing exfoliating effect, as well as pops of flavor when wearing. It’s so inexpensive, and I loved it/needed it so much I used half the tube in a week!
  4. Whish Dew Mask– Although this a little bit on the expensive side for a face mask, the only reason I came into contact with this was through a FabFitFun box. It is BY FAR my favorite mask I’ve ever put on my face. I don’t love the feeling of having goopy-drying masks anywhere on my face, but the texture of this is more like a gel that easily sinks into skin. It smells so soft + tender and leaves my face feeling moisturized, unlike most masks that can be extremely drying. If you’re looking for a lil face luxury, definitely check into Whish!
  5. Living Free Bible Study– this last and final favorite has been by far the most influential on my life. I started doing a weekly bible study with a couple other girlfriends every Monday. Not only is this easy to navigate, but it seems to directly speak to me about how to live in a Christ-geared mindset. I’m able to help myself and others with the truth of what He has intended for us, and it keeps me rooted in my belief system. Not only that, but it has fostered a community where I can talk to and be filled with the spirit, and find solace in other God-leaning gals. If you’re feeling a little lost or in need of some direction when navigating the bible, please check this one first.

I hope you found this useful, if anything it’s a peak into what I’ve been into lately! I’ll be back again soon with some more introspective content<3


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