In Between-a lil tidbit of comfort

Well, we’ve made it folks-3 weeks of senior year left. At least for me. Less than a month before I walk across three stages, and embark onto the next chapter of life! The closer those dates come, however, the more I find myself becoming weary of where I am now. I’m caught in this stage where I feel as though I don’t belong anywhere, that I’m just floating around doing what coursework I have left to do. I’m pretty much already graduated, but I haven’t even set foot on my college to course-plan or decorate my dorm. All my friends are here, but everyone’s so busy with ending their own chapters that it seems like a second will fly by before they have to leave too.

After talking with a couple friends throughout all walks of life, I seem to find that they have the same thoughts. We’re all struggling with our identity; our parents are scared to let us go, weighing between independence and insecurity. All completely normal feelings, but nevertheless difficult to figure out.

The period between high school and college is that simultaneous chaos of one chapter closing and another opening. Besides entering your permanent career, or moving into house, or even having a kid, this is the most pivotal point in your life. We’re all spoon-fed a schedule from the time we’re born up until high school ends, and suddenly we’re adults who just happen to be expected to figure the rest out for ourselves. This point in time is when it starts sinking in, the realization that this semester is the semester.

If you’re feeling some type of way at this point in time at any point in your life, I want to offer you a word of comfort.

Change is growth-any discomfort that comes with endings or beginnings is a sign that you’re being challenged in a way that will improve you in the long run. College is all about figuring out what you love doing, who you are as a person, etc!

So, don’t feel too discouraged or that you have to feel a certain way (if you’re completely fine, that’s great too!!) Don’t rush everything that’s about to happen, both good and bad. A wise friend of mine once said that all of this will just be a memory. Take it all in, and use it to propel yourself forward. You’ve got this.


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