Five Favorites for the Month of July

Summer is quickly, and unfortunately, ending quite soon for me. These past couple of months have been quite busy and on the go, so I haven’t been able to experiment quite as much with clothing. However, it is true that life’s all about the little things, and these five items frequented in my life quite a lot! Whether it was something I just look at throughout the day that gives me positive vibes, or a certain accessory that has made my summer that much better, I’m absolutely positive that having these things is a must. I truly hope you enjoy this post and have a few items in mind to spice up your day to day life!


(Top Left): Natural Life Boho Bandeaus 

These one-of-a-kind headbands automatically spice up any outfit you have going on! As this summer passed by and I reevaluated my fashion sense, I realize that I’m drawn to earthier, more casual outfits. Given how versatile they are (over 11+ ways to wear them), I’m never bored or stuck on how to incorporate them into my outfits. I currently have three atm, but I’m looking forward to expanding my collection! They give such a relaxed, but still put together look to my hair, and do an amazing job at keeping loose ends out of my face.

(Top Middle): Chloe and Isabel Silver Ball Necklace

Along with my couple months of finding out what I actually like to wear, I’ve fallen in love with the idea of layering necklaces. This simple silver piece has been sitting in my jewelry collection without much use, so I love that I’m bringing out old items! Along with the simplicity of the diamond ball, I pair it with my slightly longer silver cross necklace that I received for confirmation (It was a gift so I unfortunately don’t know where it’s from).

(Top Right): Natural Life Car Fresheners 

Seriously y’all, I have fallen in love with this brand! The whimsical and earthy feel of everything they make has quickly taken over my life (and my car!) This particular one smells like orange peels, and they come in packs of two for only $7.50! Even when it loses its scent I still keep it, because it makes my car look so gosh darn cute!

(Bottom Left): My Brand New Chacos!!!

The reason I got these shoes was for my mission trip to Costa Rica, since their climate is always rainy, and these are more durable in their terrain. I opted for a simple black pair since it’ll go with everything, and I’m especially excited to break them out again for my family trip to the Grand Canyon next summer! Overall a very high quality sandal, I don’t know how I was living life without them!

(Bottom Right): Society 6 Tapestry 

Honestly y’all, my room desperately needed this. In the way my furniture is laid out, there’s been a blank wall where my bed is, and I’ve been searching for something to fill the void. I chose the dusty rose version because it matched with my room the best, and I was also able to get a discount which saved me a lot on it! The thing I like most is that it gives artists a platform to show off their creativity and earn from it. So, not only did I gain an amazing wall piece, but I also supported an artist’s passion! Sounds like a win-win to me.



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