Summer Hues ft. Red, White, and Blue

It truly seems summer is being pulled out right from under us! So much so that the Fourth of July completely came up from behind me and flew right past. However, better late than never to show a patriotic outfit, that honestly could be worn any day of the summer. I actually wore this outfit in Tallahassee when touring Florida State University!

Both the tank top and the skirt are from Hollister, thanks to the gift cards I finally got around to using. The red was a little out of my comfort zone, but with its intricate floral pattern, and paired with the skirt, it makes it so much more casual and reeeally accentuates the tan I’ve finally got going on:) This new skirt was actually a sought-out purchase for a while! The one I had previously wasn’t the right length for my body, which made me look shorter than I actually was (the importance of finding clothes that fit you is at an all-time high!) After a number of failed trips to TJMaxx, I finally settled to investing in Hollister’s selection, and boy was it worth it! I feel so much more confident with my legs, which allowed me to focus more on workin’ the red. The shoes are from Steve Madden which seemed like an obvious choice, and I topped it off with my rings/necklace from Forever 21, my wing bracelet, and scrunchie from Pacsun.

Thank you so much for reading!


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