Two Years of Blogging!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another post! I’m putting this up a day early due to my being out of the country for a week, without any internet. Tomorrow is a very special day to me, since it will be two years that I started to blog! (Don’t ask me why I haven’t done a one year post, I ask my past self that all the time). It’s honestly crazy how time flies. So in honor of this, I am going to tell you a little story about how this blog came to be (and boy is it a rollercoaster!).

All throughout my childhood, I was fascinated by the thought of having my own online presence. I always looked at online magazines and thought about how great it would be to have a place to share my thoughts about beauty, fashion, and life, that I could design myself. Having other social media platforms like Instagram made me fall in love with customizing a feed, or being able to reach out to people through shared interests. After rationalizing with my parents about what I put onto my blog (basic parent precautions), I was able to create.

When it came to be June of 2016, I finally did it. I went onto WordPress, made an account, and created my first website. Even though it was the most basic layout and widget setup there was, I was ecstatic; I finally made something that could be a source of creativity and an outlet for doing what I love; writing! I blogged under the web name Emma Extended, and for a short time everything was going smooth. Unfortunately, in January of 2017, I ended up confused on how to fix a certain issue while trying to redesign my blog’s layout. Not knowing any better, I deleted the whole site. A Note to New WordPress Users: if you truly value the current name of your website, DON’T delete the whole site. PLEASE get help from an employee or from their Help site. After realizing what I had done, I was distraught. I had basically gotten rid of all of my posts, pictures, and my blog name. (I still had the account, thank goodness)

A few days went by of me not knowing what to do. I was frustrated due to my mistake, I was scared to make another site due to my mistake, and lost because I couldn’t think of a new name if I did made a new site. After looking for some inspiration and trying to think of a name that was personal to me, I finally chose the same name for my new blog as the name of my old photography account on Instagram, @Simplyintrospective. I wasn’t using that account as much anyways, and I was meaning to make an Instagram profile for my blog. So, many months later, I made it into my blog’s Insta account, and it worked out smoothly.

So just to recap, I’ve been blogging since June 2016, I accidentally deleted the site in January 2017, but made a new one a couple days later, along with an updated blog/insta account months later. And recently hit two years of blogging in June 2018. I know, it’s confusing to me too. I could kick my past self for making things confusing, but without that mistake I wouldn’t have the brand that I put out to this day. So all in all, I’m a little thankful.

Through starting to blog, I have come across some of the most brilliant girls I’ve ever known. My experience at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference opened my eyes to having a career in this field, AND allowed me to meet one of the girls that inspires me to this day. I’m happy that two years ago I made a decision to just do it, and see where the road takes me. I’m happy to know that I have a little corner of the Internet that I can call my own. I’m happy for this, because it’s a piece of me that I can share with you and anyone else who comes across it.

Thank you, truly.


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