Touring UF: A New Era with Emma

Hello Everyone!! This is honestly something I’ve been really looking forward to write about…touring one of my dream schools! This is the summer where I tour colleges across Florida, and the first one so happens to be the one school I was looking forward to looking at all my life. The University of Florida has always been a common subject in our household (especially around football season). My dad went to UF on his journey to become a doctor, and his diehard attitude for his college seemed to rub off on me throughout my childhood. When it came time for me to start looking at colleges, it was only obvious to have my dad come along too, especially since he hadn’t been since he graduated. On May 18, at 10:00 in the morning, my family drove up to the campus and started the tour.

At first, I was a bit overwhelmed, because UF is a HUGE school (around 50,000 students total), and everything seemed to get lost into each other. Of course, all of that was natural since it was my first time being at an actual university. It was like its own little town, and the guide was constantly talking about different facts about the campus that seemed unreal. For example, they pride themselves on safety with over 350 emergency stations, an app that allows you to catch a free ride if you’re feeling unsafe, and a three-tier lock system for dorms. With everything that’s happening in the news surrounding campus safety, I was truly impressed that the school has taken such initiatives.

Another aspect of UF that stood out to me was how many activities, whether in or out of school, the campus and the city of Gainesville has to offer. With over 1,000 clubs, sports games, greek life, and a poppin’ city scene, you would literally have to put in effort NOT to be involved. One important quality that I look for in college is not only top education (which UF has got down), but also top student life and involvement. I want to go to a college that people are proud of, and through my dad, the tour, and the students passing by, I KNEW they wanted to be there.

On top of the regular campus tour, my family and I peeked into the journalism school to see if we could get some more information about classes and such, and the lady at the desk actually gave us an informal tour on the spot! I was truly honored and blown away by the lack of hesitance and eagerness to show us around, and it was a moment that truly made me feel that this wasn’t just like any other school.

Overall, though I was at first overwhelmed at the size of the school, one thing the tour guide said was, “You can make a big school feel small, but you can’t make a small school feel big.” 

That was something that truly put my nerves at ease. Like any new school, it’ll seem big and scary. The more you’re there, the more familiar it becomes, which I’m sure applies to any big school I would go to.


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First time at the stadium!! Truly an amazing moment for me.
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Chomp Chomp!

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(I had to lol!)

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We drove by sorority row and I visited my fave one, Kappa Delta!

Thank you so much for reading, stay tuned for another college tour experience:)



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