Word(s) for the Week: Fear of the Future

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another blog post! My time in high school is slowly dwindling down to one more year (crazy right?! I’m officially a seniorrrr), and as another year passes I find myself growing increasingly concerned at how fast it’s flying. Soon my life will be consumed with college applications, senior festivities, and of course, a little fear. Because although I’m super incredibly excited to experience the royalty that comes with being a senior, I also know that right after that year ends, I’m pretty much on my own. Taking a step out into the real world, going to college and finding a potential career with mostly myself calling the shots. It’s overwhelming to think about sometimes, especially if you’re still trying to figure out what you want to do in life (pointing to myself as I’m typing this lol).

The more you think about it, the more overwhelming it gets, and now you’re just a big pile of nerves that feels lost and has existential crisis every five minutes.  I GET it, and 100% of humans do too. From college to careers, everything about the future can be scary. I mean, people have done absolutely everything they could for something, and it still not turn out how they wanted it to. Why even bother right? Well, I’m not saying you should ditch studying calculus or applying for scholarships, but to lean on God when you’re feeling uncertain. 

Whenever you feel doubt or uncertainty about your path, remember:

As hard as it may be to wrap your head around it, God has planned a hopeful future for you (Proverbs 23:18)

He knows exactly what’s up, where you’re going, and that it’s all meant to work out in the end. It might give you peace if you remember that everything is how it should be, and that putting your faith in Him will help make the best of things.

You are absolutely positively not alone.

 At one time or another, people will be/have been where you are; a senior in high school, wondering where their next step is. If you had friends who just graduated, ask them how they felt, or even ask your parents. They were in high school once too! Half of seniors in college will tell you that they’ve reconsidered or changed their major at least once. Don’t feel discouraged if you think you’re not on track; colleges and internships are about finding what you love to do! However, talking to people and getting as much information as you can will put some of those nervous thoughts at ease. God is always by your side (Joshua 1:9)

And finally… this is what you were made for. 

God created us so that we could grow through Him and make a positive impact in life. Through our sufferings comes successes, and strengthens us to be better people (Romans 5:2-6). Even though this process of applying, testing, and waiting can be strenuous on our nerves, it is only but a small portion of time. Remind yourself that you have a place in this world, you have capabilities unique to yourself, and that you can put all your worries with Him.

I hope this little piece of writing takes some of your worries away, or you could relate to this in any sort of way. This too, shall pass<3 


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