My Top 10 Goals for 2018

Hello everyone! 2018 is officially upon us, and I was lucky enough to spend the first moments with my beloved friends and family. Reading through Twitter posts, Instagram stories and the like made me realize that a lot of people need a fresh start in the New Year. Whether it be a past heartbreak, family situation, or even personal conflicts, the act of “rewinding and refreshing” the clock can be therapeutic and a way to leave the past behind them, and start anew.

Now I know the term “resolutions” has gotten a bad rep over the years, because let’s face it, few people ever return back to the gym after the first or second go. Consequently, I choose the word “goal,” because unlike resolutions, you are able to create a deeper plan to coincide with a much larger endpoint. The reason I call them my goals rather than resolutions is to basically strengthen my mindset about completing them. Too many people give up on resolutions because they have the mindset of if I fail I give up. With goals, it is easier to take my failure as a lesson, a piece of advice to take with my on my journey that will ultimately better myself in the end.

With that little explanation, I now present my (hopefully) realistic New Years Goals:

NYE 2018

I wish everyone’s goals are made a reality, and that everyone’s 2018 is a time of growth and finding what true happiness is. Cheers to the new year!



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Hello! My name is Emma, and I am pleased to welcome you to my blog, established in June of 2016 (which was a journey in itself). This blog has been the product of creativity, love, and countless hours designing and redesigning. A little about me: I am a graduated senior, coming from my community college's Early College Program, which entailed me receiving my AA degree after I graduated high school! In my high school career, I had been Captain for four years on the girl's JV and varsity volleyball team, became Vice President of our chapter of Technology Student Association, Historian of both the National Honor Society and Science National Honor Society, and received Gold and Silver Keys for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for my photography. Outside of school, I was involved in my local youth groups for seven years (four mission trips down!), had the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC to attend the Washington Journalism and Media conference, and work at an independent living elderly home. In February 2019, I got accepted to the University of Florida (Go Gators!), and look forward to spending my next four years learning about business and journalism. I play guitar, write, and take/edit pictures in my free time, and absolutely love spending quality time with my friends and family. This is a place where I can talk about a variety of topics, from lifestyle, to faith, fashion, and personal subjects. What's in a name? That, my friends, is an easy answer. I have always been quite observant, and in recent years, especially within myself. Introspective means to be "inward-looking," and for me, that's just the simple truth. For this blog, it allows you a glimpse into everything and anything I come across, whether it be about life, fashion, or travel! This is the place to feel included. Caio! -Em

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