2017 Holiday Gift Guide/Ideas

Hello everyone! The Christmas season is fastly approaching, and I KNOW every single one of you have had trouble buying gifts for friends. What is something that anyone would love? What is something I can buy in mass quantities that is cute AND affordable? (@ my situation right now) Well my friends, fortunately I have done all the hard work for you. With my carefully crafted lists, every white elephant party, secret Santa exchange, and any other present dilemma will be solved! Now by all means, I am no present-buying connoisseur, but I tried my best to put together different lists that different types of girls would love. However, if your best friend doesn’t quite fit into those categories, I made one for that too. Additionally, this is to help YOU figure out some gift ideas for yourself. To put it simply: I’ve got you covered. Let’s begin, and happy shopping!Gifts for The Cozy

  1. Lush, lush, and more LUSH!– Honestly, no bath and shower is ever complete with rose-scented body wash or a rainbow colored bath bomb. The best part is that they don’t test on animals, everything’s vegetarian, and they’ve created gift sets of all kinds for the holidays! I’ve linked some festive and affordable sets to give to your special someone.
  2. The Sun and Her Flowers– Again a beautiful masterpiece by Rupi Kaur. From the pages I’ve read here and there while going on Target runs, I can honestly say that it’s gonna be a solid read. She beautifully expresses her thoughts about tough topics, which honestly anybody and everybody should read.
  3. Mermaid Blanket– Tbh I find that anybody could benefit from this, but it would be an extremely meaningful gift for a girl who’s always found snuggling by the fire (bonus points if you include The Little Mermaid.) 
  4. Pink Salt Rock Lamp– As a salt rock user myself, I can truly say this peace has added so much to my room. Besides all the alleged benefits, it provides a warm pink glow that adds chill vibes to any room. I don’t want to sound cringy, but it really brings out your inner zen. 
  5. DW Home Candles– candles are the epitome of a comfy cozy room. These DW candles can be found at Marshall’s for $2, instead of $12 from their website (just a helpful hint. If you’re my close friend expect a lil treat;)
  6. Cardigan-Honestly every person who knows how to do comfy has some form of a fuzzy knit cardigan. This one is from H&M, so it’s really accessible and affordable. All in all, anyone who appreciates the warm, comfy, and cozy things in life would appreciate the things on this list. Gifts for the techies 1. Marble Pop-socket– With all the bigger and better phones coming out this season, it’s important to have a reasonable grip. I’m honestly debating whether I should get one for myself, since it also makes a perfect stand to watch netflix or look at homework assignments (my reasoning for getting one lol.)

2. Canon Camera– The G7X Mark ii has some of the highest video recording/picture quality I’ve seen for a camera of its size. It’s easily transportable, and allows you to take amazing footage on the go. Needless to say, it is also very popular in the Youtube community, and a lot of video bloggers use it to capture life on the go. It’s a beautiful camera to start out with, especially if you’re not comfortable working with lenses or DSLRs.

3.Gold Headphones– any techie person, or any person in general would appreciate nice quality and lovely looking headphones. I am absolutely in love with the rose gold color, but there’s countless other ones to choose from. They have noise-cancelling qualities that allow you to focus and not be distracted, something you need in high school/college.

4. Marble Laptop Case– I recently bought this case online, and I have to say it is one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s so much better than walking around with it unprotected, and it looks so sleek and professional. It comes with a silicone keyboard protector and a screen protector for only $13! That’s basically a steal, and with a few Redbubble stickers you’re good to go.

5. HP Photo Printer– If you’re as into photography as I am, this would honestly be so convenient for you. How easy would it be to print pictures straight off your phone to make a collage or give to a friend? It’s the greatest thing since the Polaroid Camera, and the idea is so new and original that you’d never go wrong with giving this as a gift.

6. Beats Pill– Another suggestion I took from a friend was including a speaker. Of course Beats is a high quality and trusted brand, so there’s no doubt that this would come in handy as a last-minute Christmas gift.

gifts for the trendsetter

This is more of a personal gift guide for you, as some of these are more expensive/more of a treat to ask for for Christmas.

  1. Kendra Scott Necklace– This honestly is a necklace you can wear with absolutely anything. I am a sucker for jewelry like this, as I usually wait until I have a half hour left before I have to get to school. Knowing that anything I wear can be paired with this is SO relieving. Additionally, the yellow has truly been a thing these past months, so you truly can’t go wrong.
  2. Frayed Jeans– One of my personal goals for not only myself but for this blog is to become more into fashion. That being said, frayed jeans are something I have always observed to be a more “out-there” trend. I dare myself and you to try something like this. I have linked a less dramatic (and less expensive!) pair than showed in the picture. They actually have my name on them, so that’s how you know it’s meant to be.
  3. Yellow Circle Sunglasses-This pair from Topshop reflects the many circle sunglasses you’ve seen floating around the Instagram explore page/Pinterest. I find circle glasses in general to be very retro-inspired, so I feel the yellow adds just the perfect touch to make it wearable now. Definitely gives me 70s vibes.
  4. Mantraband– I recently discovered this website and how beautiful their products are. They have seemingly endless options of bracelets in four different colors. From quotes about love, to messages of strength, it can really be a good thing to have your personal favorite quote always with you. It’s a delicate fashion statement, and it means something personal to only you.
  5. Mules– These are actually at the top of my Christmas wishlist. I feel like these are such classy shoes that would really take my normal outfits to the next level. It is something I can experiment with, maybe add a blazer with a cool graphic tee and black jeans. See? Fashion. The gold detailing across the front makes it.
  6. Rebecca Bag– Now this is definitely a splurge item, but based on the looks and quality of the bag, I would consider it well worth the price. It goes with any neutral, (any color in general to be quite honest), and the shape and design of the bag would certainly last through quite a few fashion waves. Plus, the gold hardware!!
  7. Cute Sweaters– You can’t go wrong with a comfy, fall/winter colored sweater. You can find these at Urban, Topshop, Shein, even Target is stepping up their sweater game.

Gifts for Every Girl

This list is for baskets, secret Santas, the friend you just met, and loved by basically everybody. These items will guarantee a safe bet as a gift. (It’s the thought that counts)

  1. Birks– These are the most comfortable shoes that will ever bless your feet. They cradle your arch, and show off the 10 different pairs of Christmas socks you bought.   They’ll last you for years, and the color allows you to pair any outfit around it effortless. Although the price might seem steep at first, you’ll get your money back in a matter of months. Whether you’re camping, doing mission work, or traveling, these are the first shoes I would pack.
  2. Rose Spray-Having a facial mist to wake you up in the morning honestly are one of the little things in life everyone needs to experience. With Aloe Vera, Gardenia, Rose, Bladderwrack and Thyme, your face will be ready for makeup, or a day without.
  3. Socks-It’s honestly ironic that the worst fear of our childhoods was getting socks for a gift, when now it’s all that anybody wants. Target has the adorable “12 Days of Socks” up for sale, and that’s all you need. Socks. Get them.
  4. Starbucks Gift Card– Again, a gift that you can’t go wrong with. A $5 gift card is a free drink on me, and I’d take it any day of the week.
  5. Light Box– This room decor piece adds a lot to any room you walk into. I saw that Danielle Carolan has this in her apartment, and I fell in love. Depending on the message, it’s a great conversation starter.
  6. Comfort Colors– If you’ve ever felt shirts with this tag, you know it’s the only type of fabric that should exist. This sweatshirt version of the shirt I linked is the perfect comfy casual piece to add over the holidays.
  7. EOS– Honestly, the only type of lip balm that actually works from this brand is Sweet Mint. Don’t @ me.
  8.  Record Player– I found this idea off apocketfuloffaith’s blog, but I found this post to be useful for my readers too. Record players just have that aesthetic that’s calming, vintage, and nostalgic. Whether it be vintage records, or Taylor Swift’s 1989, any album would look great spinning on this sleek, grey table. Main features include Bluetooth, headphone jack, and aux.
  9. S’well Bottles-S’well bottles have been taking over the internet recently. They honestly work in keeping drinks super cold all day. This pearly pink color is too beautiful to pass up, and it’s perfect to help you drink more water.
  10. Scrunchies– While I don’t know why the picture for the scrunchies got messed up, I can assure you that this pack from Target is full of colorful options. Again, the 80s and 90s fashion is upon us once again. Putting it through a ponytail or keeping it on your wrist, the world opens up once scrunchies get involved.
  11. But First, Coffee Tumbler– The last gift idea I have listed is a cute tumbler. A lot of people use these to take drinks to school, work, or anywhere else for that matter. Because it’s used so often, it will quickly become of use to the person rather than sit on their shelf.

Holy cow that was a lot. Thank you so much for reading thus far, even if it sounded confusing at some parts. I hope at least these lists gave you inspiration on what to get friends, family, or yourself for the holidays. As always, stay tuned for more festive posts, and once again, Happy Shopping!



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