Recommendations for a Relaxing Room

1. Candles- for obvious reasons. Candles come in a wide variety of scents, colors, and designs which can match any room, season and aesthetic. There are quite a few aromatherapy ones out there to help you de-stress, wake you up, or lull you to sleep (make sure to always be alert while dealing with open flames though!). My favorite candle of the moment is actually from CVS, it perfectly carries the scent throughout my room and doesn’t break the bank!


2. Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp- there has actually been quite the fuss made over these beautiful décor pieces. According to this website, these lamps help purify the air you breathe, which improves your health and overall mood. It generates negative ions, which is supposed to help you sleep, have better concentration, and filters electromagnetic radiation. Lord know if this stuff has actually been proven, but it nonetheless provides the most calming pink light, which does have a soothing effect. Unleash your inner rock/crystal goddess.


3. Succulents- not only do these plants generate clean oxygen for you to breathe, but they require little care. Having pops of greenery throughout your bedroom gives a sense of life and rejuvenation which everyone can enjoy, green thumb not needed! It’s good for you in the sense that it helps purify your air, and it gives you something to care for and look after. You can name them and put them in cute little pots! (You can tell I treat my plant like a child.)


4. Pictures of Family and Friends- surrounding yourself with beautiful people and memories reminds you that you’re loved and that you’ve done amazing things in your life. It can prove to be comforting and relieves stress to look at things that make you happy, and family and friends can be a big source of that feeling. Print out pictures from your phone, take a polaroid, or make a collage for your computer screen to create a space where you feel appreciated.



5. Cute Canvases- if you already have some pictures but are looking for a lil something extra, go buy some prints! TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Homegoods have some adorable ones for a reasonable price, so you can fill up a whole wall with quotes, graphics, or beautiful pictures. Aesthetics play a HUGE role in making your space a place of peace, so pick things because they’re beautiful to you and that you enjoy looking at them.


I genuinely hope this gives you some inspiration for decorating your room, and creating a space to successfully study, relax, and just live!

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Hello! My name is Emma, and I am pleased to welcome you to my updated blog. With the new year comes many chances to experience something wonderful. I am truly looking forward to it. A little about me: I am a senior in high school, and just finished my first year of my Early College program (which I am Historian of!) to earn my A. A. degree as well. I have been involved with my school’s volleyball team for the past three years, and looking forward to playing with Varsity again this year! I am the Vice President of my school’s Technology Student Association, which involves technology and student creativity, and recently joined the National English Honor Society, National Science Honor Society, and National Honor Society, where I serve as Historian. I enjoy photography, and have won two Gold Keys and one Silver Key in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for my artwork. I have always wanted to start a blog, and now that I have I want to take as much advantage as possible! This is a place where I can talk about a variety of topics, from lifestyle, to faith, fashion, and personal subjects. What’s in a name? That, my friends, is an easy answer. I have always been quite introverted, and usually observe things rather than react outwardly. Introspective means to be “inward-looking,” and for me, that’s just the simple truth. For this blog, it allows you a glimpse into everything and anything I come across, whether it be about life, fashion, or travel! This is the place to feel included.

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