Day Two…at the WJMC!

Hello friends, and welcome to another blog post! Today was undoubtedly one of the most overwhelming, exciting, and out-of-the-ordinary days I’ve ever had. I went from being in the comfort of my family, to a college in Virginia. Let me explain. This morning I woke up in my family’s hotel room, and we decided to experience ONE more thing together while we were all together. We decided, after finding out the place we originally wanted to go was closed on Sundays, to travel to the Holocaust Museum. I’ve only seen this museum through the Freedom Writers movie, but wasn’t prepared for what laid within. It was truly heartbreaking and unreal how much the exhibits hit you; walking on cobblestones taken from the ghettos, seeing the inside of a rail car where they once sat, seeing the shoes they once wore. It’s hard not getting emotional after seeing just how twisted humanity can get. I recommend visiting this museum if you are willing to learn about this event, and if you don’t have any small children with you (due to sensitive content).

IMG_4664.JPGShoes taken from destroyed bodiesIMG_4663.JPGPortraits of men, woman, and children involved

On a much lighter note, upon returning back to the hotel we proceeded to George Mason University, my home for the next five days. I checked in, said my goodbyes, and was on my own. We toured around, ate dinner, and listened to our first speaker, Sonya Gravankar. She is very involved in many television channels, and the Newseum that we will be visiting Monday. Overall, it was full of team building, exposure to journalism simulations, and getting to know the bright young minds around me.


I tried the best I could to get a good photo, but the light and background wasn’t cutting it. It was 11 at night people!

Hope to see you again tomorrow for more updates, and if you’re new, hi! My name is Emma, and if you found me from the Forums, make sure to leave a comment so I can check out your work:)


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Hello! My name is Emma, and I am pleased to welcome you to my updated blog. With the new year comes many chances to experience something wonderful. I am truly looking forward to it. A little about me: I am a senior in high school, and just finished my first year of my Early College program (which I am Historian of!) to earn my A. A. degree as well. I have been involved with my school’s volleyball team for the past three years, and looking forward to playing with Varsity again this year! I am the Vice President of my school’s Technology Student Association, which involves technology and student creativity, and recently joined the National English Honor Society, National Science Honor Society, and National Honor Society, where I serve as Historian. I enjoy photography, and have won two Gold Keys and one Silver Key in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for my artwork. I have always wanted to start a blog, and now that I have I want to take as much advantage as possible! This is a place where I can talk about a variety of topics, from lifestyle, to faith, fashion, and personal subjects. What’s in a name? That, my friends, is an easy answer. I have always been quite introverted, and usually observe things rather than react outwardly. Introspective means to be “inward-looking,” and for me, that’s just the simple truth. For this blog, it allows you a glimpse into everything and anything I come across, whether it be about life, fashion, or travel! This is the place to feel included.

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