Talk About Arm Candy!

   Hello! This post is a little guide to some cute bracelets, necklaces, and rings that I thought would appeal to y’all. Most of them could be worn with any outfit, which is what I love about these pieces. Usually I only wear pearl earrings to school on a day-to-day basis, but when I’m feeling fancy this is what I usually grab.


This jewelry holder from TJ-Maxx is too cute! The birds on it add a cute touch, and they could be used to hold rings as well.


  Alex and Ani bracelets are some of the most versatile I’ve come across. You could wear them casually, or dress them up. Over a couple or years, I have collected seven beautiful pieces that have beautiful meanings behind them.

(Starting from the top)

Best friends Bracelets– This bracelet came in a set of two. The other is with my good friend, who I got for her 16th birthday. It represents sharing your heart with another, which creates unbreakable bond.

Rulers of the Woods (Vine)– This set goes with your birthday, which in my case lined up with the Vine. It stands for determination, joy, growth, and inspiration. It blesses with creativity, delight, and the power to bloom. (I was unable to find the the original necklace online, but I did find the necklace charm:)

E Initial– This is perfect for anyone who love monogramming or initialing things! It is a classic bracelet, and I recommending it for anyone who is starting to collect their bracelets.

Because I Love You (Sister)– This was given to me from my sister. It represents an irreplaceable forever friend, which is the definition of a sister! It has a beautiful honeysuckle design, which “creates a sweet disposition to all those surrounded with it”. The design has since changed on the website, but is nonetheless beautiful.

Horoscope (Virgo)– I consider the horoscope bracelet another essential, and that added with my love for astrology sealed the deal. I was born in September, so I knew the Virgo one was for me! It is described as refined, meticulous, and diligent.  (Design has since changed).

Make Your Mark– This represents leaving a positive mark on the world and leaving a loving legacy.

Volleyball– I have been playing volleyball for a good portion of my life, and it has allowed me to make so many amazing memories. This supported Team USA in the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympic athletes. It describes attention, heart, and sportsmanship.


From left to right:

Cotton:On Foundation

Pink Lokai


Unfortunately I couldn’t find links for any of these:(


Left to right

Golden Take Heart Pendant– Classic and meaningful!

Silver Pavé Ball Sliding Necklace– So cute and perfect for any outfit!


The Lauren from Bourbon and Boweties- Literally the best birthday present ever!! I received this lovely choker from the lovely

It goes with any outfit and is the classiest piece I own. Thanks Linds!

The Lauren I


This pressed E necklace was from Pacsun-unfortunately it is no longer sold


This is the Wanderlustique Premium Flat World Map, which I received in this gorgeous rose-gold color!

Premium Flat World Map Necklace (Available In 3 Different Colors) – FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE


These rings are absolutely adorable! Since I have stubbier fingers, I usually don’t wear rings that much. If I do, it would be these.

Left to right:

Rose-gold Love ring from Forever 21

Camera ring from Plato’s Closet

Pandora My Princess ring

I hope you enjoyed this not-so-short guide to arm/neck candy!


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